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  • General Store

    Eternal Foods Ministrywww.eternalfoodministry.org

    Our Mission

    • Help feed people in our community to improve their general well-being.
    • Ne the agent of Good News through the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    How does New Hope support them? The members of New Hope support this ministry by bringing in food items to donate to EFM and by purchasing items from the NEW HOPE GENERAL STORE and donating them to this worthy cause.

  • Blood Drive


    (713) 790-1200 or
    1(888) 482-5663 toll-free

    The Mission of the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is:
    To maintain a reliable, safe and constant source of life saving blood to the residents of the Houston area.

    How does New Hope support them? By holding regularly scheduled “BLOOD DRIVES” and encouraging the members of New Hope to give the GIFT OF LIFE.

  • Hope Impacts

    Hope Impactswww.hopeimpacts.net

    The Mission of Hope Impacts is:

    To network caring people providing partnerships, information, and resources to address the physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual needs of the homeless, helpless, and under resourced in the Katy community.

    How does New Hope support Hope Impacts? By providing space in our church to put on their monthly community breakfast on the first Saturday of each month. This gathering allows various support groups to meet with the areas under resourced and provide much needed services. New Hope will on occasion also proved the meal at these monthly meetings and provide articles of clothing/hygiene articles to supporting groups.