Linda Owens
Director of Stephen Ministry

Linda is an ordained elder and is currently serving as co-moderator of the Christian Education Committee at New Hope in addition to being our Stephen Ministry Leader.

She is also enrolled in the Clinical Pastoral Education Program at St. Luke’s Hospital Texas Medical Center where she is training to become a chaplain.

In her role as Stephen Ministry Leader, Linda meets regularly with New Hope’s ordained Stephen Ministers, providing continuing education and helping to match each minister with a care receiver whenever there is a need.

Julie Golden
Director of Child
Development Center

Julie is married and the mother of four, ages 14 to 26. She has been working as a teacher in the CDC for 9 years. She was the lead teacher in the older two’s class from 2006—2013. She was an aide in the young two’s from 2005– 2006. Julie has served on the CDC Board of Directors for three years. She also worked very closely with Cathy Robinson on the NAC accreditation.

Julie has 9.8 Continuing Education Units in various areas of early childhood educa- tion and has a Child Development Associate Credential in Infant and Toddler En- dorsement. Julie is currently registered for the Director’s Credential Class beginning in September.

Jo Ann
Office Manager

Jo Ann Franklin has lived in the Katy area for 20 years. Before becoming New Hope’s office manager, Jo Ann worked as an administrative and marketing assistant for Gulf Oil/Chevron. On May 1, 2000 Jo Ann joined the staff at New Hope. She is a member of the church and is very active in the Stephen Ministry program.

On a daily basis, Jo Ann asks what she can do to help those around her. She is patient, kind, and always ready with a sympathetic ear or a shoulder to cry on. And she knows how to get the copier to work when no one else can. We are truly blessed to have her as part of our New Hope family.

John Paul (JP) Johnson
Choir Director

JP joined the New Hope Family in October of 2016. More information coming soon.