Rev. Brian Long, Moderator
Dr. Janet Rainey, Clerk of Session

Class of 2016
Patricia Cole – C.E. 2, Youth
Jennye Giles – Worship
Lynn Schulenberg – Congregational Care
Sam Windham – Mission
Class of 2017
Ron Day – Communications
Stephen Njome – Outreach
Barry Bettes – B&G
Rob Bliton – Stewardship
Class of 2018
Christy Callahan – C.E. 1, Elementary, Adult
Kathy Cole – Fellowship
Bruce Hymel – Mission
Stacie Nugent – Outreach

Church Staff

Brian Long, Pastor
The Rev. Margaret Ferguson, Parish Associate
Christopher Virginis, Director of Music Ministry
Priscilla Niermann, Organist
Jo Ann Franklin, Church Office Manager
Linda Owens, Director of Stephen Ministry
Julie Golden, Director of Child Development Center
Dr. Janet Rainey, Interim CDC Liaison
The Rev. William E. Schulenberg, Pastor Emeritus

New Hope is a Stephen Ministry Congregation

NH Church Staff