Over 100 Years ago a rural community developed on the west side of Houston. It consisted mostly of farming communities and eventually became what are now known as the communities of Barker, Rosenberg, Sealy, Katy, Brookshire and Needville. Christian ties were strong between these communities and they agreed to share their ministry as a “yoked Parish”. They pooled the talents of early ministers such as Rev. H. Olmstead, Rev. J. Marshall Jones, James Gleason and Bill Leonard, and grew steadily in their Christian beliefs.

The need for a building became evident and even those who were not “members” lent their time and talents to construct a small wooden structure on Barker-Clodine road. On Nov. 19, 1906 the First Presbyterian Church of Barker was chartered, making it one of the oldest churches of the Gulf Coast Presbytery.

Even the great hurricane of 1915 was overcome and the building, which was blown off its block foundation, was restored by church members. Progress gradually changed the area as many of the rice fields were developed into subdivisions. The accommodation of more and more new families in the area changed the demands and outreach of the small Barker church. On March 1, 1976, Rev. Wm. E. Schulenberg was called both as a pastor of the church and as assistant minister of St. Thomas United Presbyterian Church in Houston.

Shortly thereafter, the decision was made to purchase 5 acres on Mason Road for the growing church. To gain maximum exposure, worship services were held at a temporary site in the Katy Gym in Mason Road shopping center. On Nov. 19, 1978 New Hope Presbyterian Church was chartered. The church was affiliated with both the Presbyterian Church in U.S. (PCUS) and the United Presbyterian Church in U.S. (UPCUSA).

The church building was dedicated on Aug. 3, 1980, and the work of the church continues today. Many of the original families, as well as newer families, now constitute the “family” we have built together and the home we share through our faith.